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Vibrant Health

The Vibrant Health Community was established to help our clients experience sustainable health through real nutrition. In 1999, we began traveling the world in search of the pure whole food nutrients that would become the foundation of our nutraceutical programs. Advancements in cellular level analysis have enabled our pharmacists to create templates that integrate whole food nutrients into dynamic programs.

Through Clinical Symptom Mapping, we analyze clinical symptoms to discover root causes, then formulate nutraceutical strategies to address them. The resulting programs help our clients achieve permanent health and weight solutions while reducing and eliminating the need for prescription medication.

Our proprietary formulations integrate the purest whole food nutrients. We source our components from pristine environments and shun those grown in places like India and China. The integrity and expertise that accompany this process result in programs that deliver outcomes that are consistently remarkable. It is our vision to see our client’s lives transformed through the restoration of their health.

It all begins when the right seed is placed in the right soil at the right time. It is a precision process from beginning to end and we monitor every step along the way. Each fruit, vegetable and herb has a specific list of requirements that must be met before their full nutritional potential manifests. In a global agricultural environment strewn with toxic chemicals, compromised seed, depleted soil and green mechanized harvesting, we navigate a myriad of obstacles to bring you our one of a kind nutrients.