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The Missing Link

  • The Vibrant Health nutrients are the missing link in weight management.
  • If you will put them in your mouth and swallow, a life changing transformation will follow.
  • We supply the tools and the expertise, and if you will get on board and do your part, a winning attitude will take you...
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Your Community

Building your community will insure your success in the quest for target weight. When making a major life change, never underestimate the challenge. While the Vibrant Health nutrients empower you physically, the establishment of commitment and accountability in community will form the emotional foundation for your new way of life.


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Real Nutrition for a Change

Food naturally tastes good when essential nutrients are present. Vine ripened fruits and vegetables are delicious, whereas produce harvested while still green has compromised taste. If your apple isn’t sweet, recognize that the nutritional value is diminished.

Unfortunately, nutrient dense food is a thing of the past in the American food supply....

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Natural Clinical Pharmacists

A comprehensive approach to wellness is nonexistent in the present healthcare system. In traditional medicine, chemicals are prescribed to cover and mask symptoms and patients are left without a planned roadmap to sustainable health.

Through Clinical Symptom Mapping, our pharmacists analyze clinical symptoms to discover root causes and formulate Read more

Chemicals Masquerade as Food

A tidal wave of toxicity has inundated our modern lives. The present health crisis has been years in the making and is now critical. Take a look around and acknowledge that more and more of us are overweight and subsisting on a diet of chemicals rather than real food.

As the diagnosis...

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Nutraceuticals are concentrated whole foods that have a demonstrated physiological benefit and provide protection against chronic disease. Advancements in cellular level analysis have enabled our researchers to create templates that integrate whole food nutrients into dynamic programs.

Twelve years of research and development and clinical trials on over five thousand people insure...

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The Bugs Know it’s Bad

Genetically modified organisms are plants or animals whose genes have been engineered with DNA from bacteria, viruses or other plants and animals. These experimental combinations of genes from different species never occur in nature or in traditional crossbreeding.

Virtually all commercial GMOs are engineered to withstand direct application of herbicide and/or to...

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Water is essential to life and although there is an abundance of it on earth, it is not always in the right place, at the right time or of the right quality. There is growing evidence that chemicals discarded yesterday are present in our water supplies today.

The hydrologic cycle is the...

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After two fast and furious decades, the artificial energy ride is still taking its toll on health. What began with a jolt when Starbucks started expanding across the country accelerated when highly caffeinated vitamin B enhanced "energy" drinks were embraced by the mass market.

Where adverse effects including adrenal fatigue, dehydration and...

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What’s News?

Due to heavy patient loads and ever increasing pressure from insurance companies, your doctor has seven minutes to assess your health issues and your pharmacist has two minutes to fill your prescription. With genetic modification on the rise, chemicals lurking in the food and water and the ozone layer all but gone, don't...

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Vibrant Health

The Vibrant Health Community was established to help you experience sustainable health through real nutrition. In 1999, we began traveling the world in search of the pure whole food nutrients that have become the foundation of our nutraceutical programs. It is our vision to see our client’s lives transformed through the restoration of their health....
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